Monday, November 7, 2011

It's a Trap!

Monday 1:30; 5-8 page persuasive essay due on Wednesday. I can do this. I've got like, at least three hours to work on it. That's an incredibly large amount of time.
I foolishly think this to myself as I sit down in front of a computer in the Merrill-Cazier Library. As usual I open my gmail account to create a document that I can edit at home or otherwise. Uh-oh, I have three new emails. One is from my boss asking me to fill out a back ground sheet for the new website they're making for the ropes course. I create my profile for the "Meet our Facilitators" page and I'm sure to include my Degree of Special Distinction in the National Forensics League. (Totally inapplicable, but dang it if I'm not going milk those shiny stickers for all they're worth.) With that done I feel ready to buckle down and get a writin'. Huh, thirty minutes have past, better get going.
I open my research I've done for the paper to decide what i'm going to use and what i'm going to ignore. As I read, I find a quote that I think will warrant my claim nicel-Holy cow, it is gorgeous out side. The sun reflects so nicely off that building, and my my, that tree has flaming red leaves. Hey, that girl has a back pack just like Rachelle used to have. Boy, I miss Rachelle. I should send her an email. click. Dear Rachelle, Here I am, writing a paper in the library...Wait, Paper.
My eye darts to the tiny clock in the corner of the screen. 2:30! Okay, Stephanie its time to get writing. 5-8 pages. click. Experiential learning is the most effective method for adults because adults learn differently from children and adolescents. The difference derives from...I am interrupted by my vibrating phone, indicating I just received a text message. Greatful for a break from my homework I snatch it from my pocket. Darn, its just from Facebook. Hum, Brittney Anderson just added me as a friend. Who is that? click,
Its safe to assume what happened after this. Its now 4:37, exactly one and a half sentences have been written for my paper, and I am writing a blog. It is interesting to see the progression of my procrastination. I've tried to come up with all these excuses as to why I didn't get anything accomplished. My head is just not in it today. I've got writers block. (I actually don't believe in writers block, I think it is just a universal excuse to procrastinate) I am so burned out. Its Monday for crying out loud. There was an earthquake, a fire, A TERRIBLE FLOOD! But the reason is the simply that I get distracted easily when I'm doing something I don't want to do. Heck, lets be real. I just don't want to do it.
I have actually been doing quite well in the procrastination department up to this point. But we all slip into our old habits sometimes. I am no exception.