Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ten Things I Learned My First Year of College

1. College is my element. If I was in Avatar: the Last Airbender, I would be a Collegebender 2. Making friends in your classes is worth breaking any social norm 3. Always sit in the T-zone 4. Leave the wallet, take the lunch box 5. Guys like compliments too 6. Embrace tradition, become a True Aggie  7. Never pass up a free meal 8. Grades are like a box of chocolates... 9. If dating was fun, no one would get married   10. You must notice in order to become noticed 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Pranks For Mandy

I once happened upon a plastic crab. It was quite realistic and for this reason it was also a little creepy. Any way I thought it would be funny to strategically place this little guy in random places in Mandy's room so on occasion she would happen upon this silly crab. This was a delightful pass time, and Mandy would sometimes slip the crab into my room. But eventually this little crab was forgotten on my shelf. 

One a particularly boring day I picked up this crab and an awful, wonderful idea entered my brain. I took some string and some tape and went into Mandy's room. I took the crab and placed it on top of the finish boards above the door inside her bathroom and taped the opposite end of the string to the door. The object of my design was when Mandy opened her door to her bathroom the string would yank the crab from it's perch and swing toward Mandy's face. Being a shorty pants I called on John for some help. We tested it a couple of times and satisfied with our work we left and largely forgot about our little trap. 

That night, I sat in the family room below Mandy's enjoying an episode of Cake Boss. To my pure joy, and utter delight I hear this coming from Mandy's room;
It had worked. My evil plan had worked! Laughter shook my frame as I stumbled over to the balcony to ask her what the problem was. 
"I just got a crab to the face. Thats what's wrong!"
This small victory was very sweet.

A few weeks later, I read this delightful story of this girl who was texting her boyfriend during her boring English class. She tells him how board she is and settles in for more class. No more than five minutes later her boyfriend comes bursting into the classroom and screams "Troll! Troll in the dungeon!" and collapses on the floor. She ends this hilarious situational comedy with a moral; "Marry him. He's the chosen one."

I was inspired by this story. It made me crave a man with so much spontaneity. It also inspired my next prank.

Me and John were returning home from a party on a Sunday night and were discussing this funny anecdote. We concocted this plan and I challenged John to carry out the deed. We walk into the house, it was about 11:30pm and John was starting to have second thoughts. 
"I don't know, Stephy. I'm going to wake up the parents too."
"John, it's up to you but it's now or never."
He squares his jaw and says,
"Let's do it."

We crept up to the landing of the stair case. I look at John and he looks back at me. We nod at each other and I flip on the video camera. John bounds down the dimly lit hallway making a terrible racket. He bursts into Mandy's room and screams, "TROLL, TROLL IN THE DUNGEON! I thought you oughta know." and collapses on Mandy's floor. Mandy's head pops off her pillow in surprise and she calls out a few unintelligible words as both me and John fall in to fits of laughter. Mother comes into the hall trying to figure out what's going on because we woke up the whole house. But her efforts were to no avail me and John were fit to be tied. Mandy was not pleased and pushed us out into the hall forth with. It was extremely funny and still brings a smile to my face. 

Mandy threatens to prank us back and I do understand I deserve it but I believe it was worth it.