Saturday, November 1, 2008


Yes i had my first Debate tournament ever. Portia douglas, it was pretty intense and i think we might have won one round...maybe... well it doesn't matter because we did pretty good for the freshest of novice's in open rounds with a case two days old. i will be sure to post my results maybe if i feel like it because if your reading this it probably means that you are spending to much time on the internet just like me. so let me give you some so i dont really know how to do that with out sounding hypocritical. but yes debate is fun, i really like PF but im not sure if i like next months topic i mean it might be fun but Social Networking?!?! i dont know how they come up with these topics but it doesn't matter because me and Josh will dominate any way.  

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Brittney said...

Glad you had fun and things went well, but we missed you!